The Lost Gold

The lost gold
Once a boy named jesse was going on holiday with his family
so his granny and grandpa gave him and his sister some monney to
buy something nice on there holiday. That day they packed there bags and
left in a rush so they wont be stuck in traffic when they got there it was so hot
so they went to the pool when they had checked in.
One day their dad said he would take jesse and his sister to the gift shop
to see if he could buy something with his monney from his granny and grandpa
so in they went and then he saw what he wanted it was GOLD
it was as shiney as can be. As soon as they got back home he had to show all his friends
so the next day he went to school and met his friends secretly outside and showed them the gold
they said
its to good too be true. On friday night his grandparents came for supper
so he told them about the gold and showed them but..... he clould'nt find the gold he looked every where
in his cupbord, draw and in his school bag but it was gone for sure his mother and father couldn't find out
about it as he said he would take good care of it.
he had to tell them but he cloud'nt then he rememberd what his mother said
do the best thing there is to do so he told them ofcourse he did'nt get in soo much trouble.
If you thought about it  he probely still cant find it
do you think you can find the lost gold.