My first day

One day my mom said to me  are u ready for ur first day

at school and guess what I said. I said no not at all.

The next day it was school i was soo nervous.

My mom gave me a kiss and left I was there all alone standing by the school gate.

Then i saw some girls playing hop scotch.  And i said can i play.

And they said no not at all and laughed.

The bell rang for class and everyone ran in.

My teacher said pick a partner and sit down.

Everyone had chosen a partner accept me.

then my teacher said to me ill be with you.

Then i smilled and said ok thank you Mrs mouse.

At break i found nice friends to play with and at the end of the day

it felt just like my old school.

Then my mom came to fetch me and she said how was ur day. Was it  horrible

and i said no not at all. And told her about my day.