The Purim Carnival

In a small town lived a little girl named tina
she had know idea what the other children were talking about so she continued
wondering what they were talking about because she was sick yesterday
after break it was jewish sudies all the other children were so excited
but that was weird because they mostly hate jewish studies
but the minuit she walked in and said please come sit on the carpet
so evryone came to sit down and she asked my friend merry
what are you dresing up as and i thought for a second and rememed it was soon purim
 and as evryone had a chance except me so i was last. I did not
know what to say so i said im going as a evil man but she said
i told evryone to go as someone good then i hat to tell her so i said i
was'nt here yesterday so she said oh im sorry love pick someone
good this time i said ill try to think of a kind and good cartoon.